Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm So Tired...

Sleep. Deprived.

That’s how I’m feeling today. Sometime this weekend, our baby boy decided that he would fight nap time and bedtime with every ounce of his being. Putting him in his crib resulted in tremendous amounts of wailing--not just crying, but the most pathetic, loud, wailing cries I have ever heard him cry.

He has thus far been the kind of child that when he has decided he’s done with something “baby,” then he is just done with it. High chairs...done! Bibs...done! Pacifiers...done (but that one only because Mama and Daddy insisted)! So on Saturday we decided to try converting the crib to a toddler bed. Nope...did not work AT ALL. At bedtime, my very patient hubby was pulling the crib side back out of the storage shed and putting it back on the crib. We put him in his crib and closed the door. The wailing started again. Next thing we knew, M had climbed out of his crib, which he had never done before, in spite of the fact that he is a climber. He was now wailing at the door to his room. What finally worked was his daddy taking him into our bedroom, letting him (actually both of them) fall asleep on our bed, and then moving him to his bed.

Sunday, we went back to the toddler bed.

Nap time on Sunday was in the arms of our church nursery worker. She tried to keep him awake, but after Saturday night’s adventures, it just wasn’t happening. Afternoon nap was non-existent. We did finally get him to sleep in his toddler bed by following the same technique as the night before.

Nap time on Monday was in the car as we were running errands. Again, afternoon nap did not happen. We tried to transfer him from car to bed, but that didn’t work. (It usually has in the past.) Last night, more of the same. He finally fell asleep while my husband was lying on the floor next to his bed. M woke up shortly after 6 this morning.

Once he is asleep at night, he’s fine for the night. It’s just the process of getting there.

This seems like a separation anxiety thing, which means he will eventually come out of this. I just hope this phase is short-lived.

And now, it’s nap time...

We’ll see how it goes today.


  1. When my son was starting to act like he was done with the crib, we went straight to a twin size bed. That way mommy or daddy could lay down next to him until he fell asleep. Praying that you get this phase resolved and you get some sleep. btw, we had a child guard mesh railing put on in between the mattress and boxsprings so he wouldn't fall out.

  2. We've actually thought about the twin bed thing, but the bed we're planning to get is not in our budget just yet. We may have to figure out how to make it work, though. (We're planning on getting bunks similar to what our girls have that can be set up as twin beds, so when we adopt again, we already have the right furniture.)

  3. Been there...so understand...praying for your sanity. And sleep!

  4. Oh... I am exhausted today for a few specific reasons. I think dinner will be "survival night." So SO glad to know I'm not alone.
    Nancy-of the crazy 8