Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Taking Care of the Details

I don’t know why that I am still amazed when God works out little details, but it happens every time. I guess maybe it isn’t so much amazement, as I am just in awe of how He cares about the little details and makes them fall into place.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am VBS director at our church. That means this is an extremely busy few weeks for me as we get everything set and ready to go. There are lots of logistics and administrative details that must be worked out.

Early last week, I realized that we had a huge number of preschoolers pre-enrolled, especially in comparison with the other age groups. This presented a dilemma: We needed another class, but I had to (1) find a room to put them in, and (2) find someone willing to teach. So my husband and I went and scoped out the one room that was not originally going to be in use and decided it was workable. Problem is, it is the room where the choir’s robes and music are stored, which is going to require moving some things and storing them. Not easy, but certainly doable. It also happened that one of the workers I had originally scheduled as a helper for the preschool class is very capable of teaching a class. AND her husband was going to be a floater, to go where needed. So, I gave her a call, and she and her husband agreed to take on the extra class. (Thank you, Lord, for church members with servants’ hearts!) Her husband did have a couple of days when he was not going to be available. He was able to change his schedule for one of those days, and I found another church member who was willing to fill in on the other day.

Then there was the nursery...it is only for workers’ children, but there are going to be 4 or 5 kids in there, ranging from an infant to 2 year olds, and possibly one 3 year old. Our congregation has a lot of older members, which kind of limits the ones who are available for nursery. We had one church member who had offered to serve in nursery, and I had a couple of tentatives. Well, as it turns out, neither of my tentatives worked out, so here I was, 3 weeks before VBS and short one nursery worker. I happened to mention this on FB, and one of my outside-of-church friends who was going to be helping in the snack area offered to do nursery instead. She does nursery at her church, and it is an area where she likes to serve. Again, total God thing!

So far, as the inevitable holes in VBS staff have developed, God has filled them and done so quickly. I’m so thankful that He cares about the little details!


  1. I'm glad to see how well everything is working out. I know it has been doing the same for me for decorations for my class room. I had been thinking of turning the stand in the room into a hot dog stand but I wasn't sure how to do it. Then sunday D.T. asked me if I had plans for it and offered to turn it into one for me if I didn't have other plans for it. Then she offered to make me a cutout statue of Liberty which I had been trying to buy a poster of only to find out that they were all sold out. It is amazing how God is working to help pull this together. I was worried originally about decorating the room and what to put up and got more so when I was having trouble finding what I wanted. Now that all the decor stuff has worked out I can go back to focusing on the lessons! :)

  2. It is humbling when we see how He cares for even the little details, isn't it?