Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Excuses, Excuses...or Why I've Been Neglecting My Blog

I was so proud of myself for blogging every day during the month of November, but after that, I’ve been an awful blogger. First there was the craziness of Christmas, and all that goes along with it. It was good craziness, but craziness nonetheless.

Then, the first two days (on a Thursday and Friday) that the girls were back in school, I substituted for one of the teachers at K’s school, and then Monday was my parent volunteer day in both girls’ classes at two different schools. Then Tuesday was MOPS meeting.

Somewhere in all of this, we bought a treadmill, and I have been trying to walk regularly. I’m not doing it for the weight loss, but I am in terrible shape and need to be exercising more. And also, and more importantly, I’m trying to make sure to have a quiet time daily. As strange as that may sound for a pastor’s wife, I way too often let the craziness of daily life get in the way of my quiet time.

I’m also in the process of applying to teach full time at K’s school next fall. (I will be doing a maternity leave substituting job there this spring, also.) That means application paperwork, applying for transcripts, and applying for a Florida teaching certificate, since I haven’t been in the classroom since we have lived here.

Oh, and I’m potty training M. So far, so good...he’s pretty good about staying dry, but he’s also pretty “good” about waiting for his pull-up at naptime before taking care of business. I remind myself that K started out very much the same way and turned out to be rather easy to potty train. And as long as it is done by August when he starts to 3 year old preschool, we should be good. Our grocery budget would appreciate that happening sooner, though.

And in addition to all of this, we have added a new Adoption Voyages family, so I’ve been doing website work. Check out their site here.

And all of this in addition to car rider lines, bus stops, dance lessons, Upward basketball, plus the usual church activities, laundry, cleaning house, etc.

No wonder I haven’t had time to blog...maybe I shouldn’t have put all of this in writing. Just reading it makes me tired.

Hopefully, I’ll be a better blogger again soon...

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  1. I took a 2-year break from blogging, if it makes you feel any better!!!