Saturday, March 3, 2012

Disappeared from Bloggy Land...Again

A couple of weeks ago, I started my long-term substitute teaching job at K's school. It came about a couple of weeks early because a teacher resigned unexpectedly. Now, though, they have a new teacher coming in for that class, and I started this week with my maternity leave class. The teacher's baby still hasn't arrived, though, so we're all on "baby watch." Every morning, that is the first thing the kids want to know.

We've also been busy with MJ's basketball, but her last game of the season was this morning, so we have most of a year before next season starts. (We don't do the summer league--life is just too hectic for us in the spring/summer.) Love Upward Basketball, though. It is a great sports program.

Now, we're getting ready to head to the park to meet up with Kristi and her crew in person. Love getting the chance to meet bloggy friends in real life. (It helps to live on one of the major routes to Disney.) Hopefully, I'll manage a Sunday Snapshot tomorrow with some photos from our visit...hopefully...

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