Thursday, June 7, 2012

And a Kindergarten Graduate, Too!

On Monday, MJ graduated from kindergarten. I sound like a broken record, but just like I can't believe K is finishing pre-K and moving on to kindergarten, I have a difficult time believing that MJ is old enough to be in a "number grade" next year. She is reading well and loves math. She had a great year in public school this year, but will be changing schools this fall when I go back to work in the private Christian school she attended for preschool. (That's another blog post for another day, though.)

Happy Graduation to my biggest girl!


  1. wow how they have grown. I can't believe that my baby will begin kindergarten this yr. So cute

  2. How in the world did kindergarten pass so quickly? I find myself wondering the same thing ~ cause 1st grade seems SO grown up...