Friday, February 25, 2011

Is February over Yet?

I’m so glad that we are nearing the end of February. This has been a doozie of a month around our house. There have been good parents came for a visit, MJ has had a great time playing basketball and even scored 2 goals last week, and this weekend we have a wedding of a couple from our church where MJ will be the flower girl and hubby will be officiating.

On the other hand, though, germs have invaded, and I’ve reached the point of “Stop this roller coaster! I’m ready to get off now.” It started with the sinus infections I blogged about a couple of weeks ago. We finally got past all of that, and then last Thursday at MJ’s basketball practice, K proceeded to throw up everywhere. Lovely... Thus began our bout with the tummy bug. M and I only had a touch of it, but everyone else had more, and I was exhausted from dealing with the whole thing.

And then, once the tummy bug left, all 3 kids started in with runny noses and coughs. MJ, who rarely gets sick, had a fever Tuesday night, so no school for her on Wednesday. She went back yesterday, but still had a runny nose and a horrible cough, and with this wedding coming this weekend, I took her to the doctor. She has a cold. 20 minute car ride to the doctor’s office in the next county because there were no openings at the local office, and then a copay for them to tell me she has a cold. Again, lovely... Then, again at MJ’s basketball practice last night, K started dragging around and being clingy. By supper time, she had a fever, so she is home from preschool today. Currently, she seems to be feeling much better, and for that I’m grateful.

I feel like my FB and blog posts lately are a lot of whining, but sometimes, you just have to vent. I just want our household to be well again and to move on past all of this sickness. It was getting old last week, and I am so over this now...

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for listening to my frustration. Hopefully my family will be well soon, and I can post about something more fun.

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