Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Landing Spot

It seems like everyone’s house has one of those spots where random stuff just collects...mail, kids’ school papers, things we need to deal with know what I’m talking about. In the house where we lived before this, the collection zone was the top of our buffet in the dining room. No dining room in this house, so the end of the kitchen counter became the landing zone. That presented a problem because counter space in our kitchen is already at a premium. When we retired the high chair, we then moved a wooden rolling cart back into our kitchen/dining area. The top of that cart became the new “spot,” although when things get really chaotic (like they have been the last couple of weeks), the junk begins to spill back over onto the kitchen counter.

One goal I have set for myself to be completed before we leave for vacation in a week and a half is to clean off the “spot.” To hold myself accountable, I am posting a “before” shot here on the blog, and hopefully I will be able to post an “after” shot before we leave for our trip.


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