Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Turkey of a Conversation

On Sunday evenings, we usually have something light for supper because we have our big meal at lunch on Sundays. Also, for Sunday night supper, hubby is usually at church preaching the evening service, and the kids and I eat while he is there. This was tonight’s pre-meal conversation:

Me: We’re having sandwiches for supper. What do you want?

K: [Who, for the record, is Miss PB&J] I want turkey and ham and cheese!

Me: Not peanut butter and jelly?

K: No, turkey and ham and cheese.

M: Want tuh-key too! And ‘am!

Me: OK, MJ what do you want?

MJ: Turkey and ham

[There is a little more discussion here, but nothing really relevant.]

I go into the kitchen, open the refrigerator, and discover two things:
(1) There are only 2 slices of turkey left, and (2) They expired 3 days ago.

Me: OK, change of plans...we can’t use the turkey. Is just ham ok?

K: I want peanut butter jelly!

M: Want delly, too!

[Glad I hadn’t started putting plates together yet.]

Me: MJ, is just ham ok for you or had you rather have peanut butter and jelly, too?

MJ: Just ham.

I return to the kitchen and get everything ready. Several minutes go by.

Then, as MJ sits down at the table:

MJ: But I wanted turkey, too!

[Insert internal Mommy scream here...]

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  1. What a cute story, I love how you make it as if the reader is there with you. Great blog. I just had a lesson learned on my blog today too!
    Have a happy day-Joy