Thursday, September 8, 2011

How the Lifebook Turned Out

In this post, I mentioned that when I completed MJ's lifebook, I would share some pictures of the finished product. As a quick recap, I ordered a template from My Story Lifebooks and used that to create one for MJ. I have just included a sampling of pages here, trying to not include names, etc. I was so pleased with the way this turned out! (Please excuse the horrendous photography. I probably should have taken these during the day when I at least had some natural light to work with . Oh, well...)
My Story also offers a template for biological children, and I can see myself ordering that one for K and M later, as they are very interested in their big sister's book and would like to have their own.

*I received no compensation from "My Story Lifebooks" for this post. I am just an extremely satisfied customer and wanted to share a great product.

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