Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Snapshot: {Bunk Beds!}

Well, we finally caved under pressure and did it...we assembled the girls' beds into bunk beds. They have been sleeping on them as separate twin beds, but yesterday, hubby brought in the rails, ladder, and hardware from the storage shed and began "Operation Bunk Bed." With the possible exception of realizing that we had the side of the bed where the ladder went next to the wall and having to remedy that particular problem, everything went remarkably well.

MJ is proud resident of the top bunk, and K has the bottom bunk. M just wanted to be in the picture. :-)

Of course this led to rearranging their whole room...

And realizing that I am going to have to get another storage piece because we lost a whole bed's worth of underbed storage space.

And just a couple of cute pictures to finish things out...

The girls love their "new" bunkbeds. And thankfully, MJ can make her own bed, because making up the top bunk is...everything other moms with bunk beds have warned me about...

Sunday Snapshot


  1. Love this entire post!!!! They all look so happy with the bunk beds!!!

  2. They look so excited! Hope the bunk beds continue to go well! I was always scared of the top bunk!

  3. I so hear you on losing that under-bed storage space!
    The room looks great though.
    Oh, and my advice to MJ on making the bed ~ sleep on top of the comforter in a sleeping bag and stuff it in the closet during the day. :)
    That "cheater" tip got me through college with a seemingly neat room...

  4. They look so excited! Hope the bunk beds continue to go well............