Wednesday, January 5, 2011

M Through the Year (2010)

And here is my last "Year in Review" post...

I can't believe how much our baby boy has grown in the past year. He was an 8 month old baby when the year started, and now he is a 20 month old toddler. Wow!

January: M in the exersaucer, a piece of baby gear that has been used by all 3 of our kids, and one that we no longer even own. My, how things change!

February: Surrounded by his toys...I can't get over how chubby his cheeks were. His face has slimmed up a lot over the course of the year.

March: I still think this is a funny picture. We sat him down on the ground at the playground, and I'm not really sure what he thought about it.

April: M's first birthday party!

May (early): M's first haircut. He did such a great job, and even clapped while he was getting his hair cut--not the first tear!

May (late): Due to my terrible shortage of June pictures, M is getting 2 May pictures instead. Here he is enjoying the sunshine on Memorial Day.

July: M mugging for the camera at my parents' house in Louisiana.

August: This was the day M's sisters made him a cage. Hasn't every girl with a little brother thought of doing that at some point?

September: Messy Green Popsicle Face!

October: Cowboy M on Halloween...

November: M in the leaves at Grandmama's house in Georgia...

December: M on Christmas morning with the basketball that is still one of his favorites...

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  1. oh my goodness, he grew soo much! I think that's basically what 2011 is going to look like for Kate. =) Love your blog! =)