Monday, January 3, 2011

MJ through the Year (2010)

Since I had such a difficult time narrowing my top 10 pictures from 2010, I decided to do a month-to-month favorite picture for each of the kids. I'm starting with MJ.

January: Pigtails for preschool. Looking at this picture makes me realize how much she has grown and changed in the last year.

February: Her first time bowling. It was hilarious. We need to go again to see how she does now that she is almost a year older.

March: Silly Sock Day at preschool.

April: Easter Sunday 2010

May: MJ takes swimming lessons for the first time...

June: MJ and her teacher on her last day of 3 year old preschool...

July: Chips and Salsa on our trip to Louisiana. I probably have cuter pictures of her from that trip, but the girl loves her chips & salsa, so I decided on this one.

August: MJ's first day of Pre-K

September: Her first Two-Wheeler!

October: Cowgirl MJ for Halloween

November: MJ found a ladybug at her grandmother's cabin in Georgia.

December: MJ turns 4!

Stay tuned for posts for the other two later this week...


  1. Mary in Saint LouisJanuary 3, 2011 at 3:43 PM

    Love this post! Why do they grow fast????

  2. They have all grown so much in just 12 months!