Thursday, March 24, 2011

24 Hours...

...pacifier free!

We knew we were getting close to the time when we needed to wean M away from his paci, and after our experience with K, we decided that cold turkey was the way to go. (We let K continue to have hers for nap and bedtime, and that was a mistake. It was very difficult to wean her away from it at bedtime.) So, yesterday at naptime, my husband happened to be passing through, and he was putting M down for his nap. On the spur of the moment, we decided to try it without the paci. M fussed for a little while, and went on to sleep. He went without it all afternoon, and when bedtime came, he wanted it, but we held firm. Again, he fussed for a little while, then went on to sleep and slept all night. It is now paci-free naptime #2, and again he fussed, but is now quiet. I have thrown away all remaining pacifiers that I could find, mostly to avoid the temptation of giving in to his fussiness. So, we appear to be a pacifier-free household! Yay for milestones!


  1. Wish we could celebrate being a pull up free home!

  2. The little stuff is so big sometimes!