Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A New Pet Peeve

I have discovered a new pet peeve. I didn’t even know it was a pet peeve until I started reading the library book that I currently have. You see, someone went through this book and underlined random words with a ball-point pen. It almost looks like they were compiling a vocabulary list or something. The book is a light reading mystery novel--not anything with any kind of academic merit to it, so I doubt someone was reading it for a school assignment. It is bizarre, and as I am reading, I find myself (unintentionally) mentally emphasizing these underlined words. Considering there are probably 3-5 underlined words per page, it gets old quickly. I would really like to just enjoy my book without all of this distraction. There is a reason that libraries discourage people writing in books. I just wish the ball-point pen person had been one who was more inclined to follow the rules.

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