Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Dining Set

We have lived here in this parsonage for 3 years and 9 months now. For a little background, we live in a beach community. Our best guess is that this parsonage was originally built as someone's beach vacation home, and wasn't originally intended for a family of 5 to live in year round. Our church has been WONDERFUL about getting our house into great shape for us. They even added on a new master suite when M arrived, which was much needed considering the house was a 2 bedroom up until that point.

But back to dining furniture...The dining area in this house is small. We have a "great room" set up, where the living and dining areas, and the kitchen are all open to each other. We have been making do with the dining set we had when we moved here, but it is too large for the space. We had to keep it with one side pushed up against the wall, just so we could have a walkway. Meaning that now that M is big enough for a booster instead of a high chair, the old table just wasn't practical anymore. Also, the old table was, well, old, and not child-friendly at all. Some of the chairs had issues (that can be resolved with some wood glue), and they had upholstered seats. You can only imagine what those look like in a house with 3 kids, age 5 and under.

So, last week we purchased a new, narrow table, with kid friendly, un-upholstered chairs. It even has a bench on one side. It fits nicely into our little dining area. And now we can retire the high chair.

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