Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Lifebook Journey

I have to admit, I started this blog post a couple of months ago as I began work on MJ’s lifebook. Then life got in the way with VBS, vacation, and all of those other summertime things, so the project got put on hold for a bit. Most of this blog post was written early in the process, with some editing to make it read correctly for today’s date...

I am finally in the process of putting together a lifebook for MJ. I knew this was important...that it was something she needed, and as she gets older and asks more questions, I realized it was imperative that she have as much of her story as we can give to her. I have done one of the “fill in the blank” style books like this one, but it is more of a baby book. My problem was getting started. Awhile back, via a bloggy friend, I came across “My Story Lifebooks.” An adoptive mom has created a templates that can be used to make a lifebook for your child. She gives the framework, and you provide the personal details. I ordered my template and set out on this journey that is the lifebook.

And, wow, is it ever a journey. Somehow I didn’t realize how much of an impact this would have on me as MJ’s mother. As I delve into paperwork that has been filed away for several years now, and as I search through photos from our adoption journey, I am on an emotional roller coaster. I am once again realizing that our precious girl was left to be found as a one day old infant. I am again facing the reality that my knowledge of our oldest daughter’s first 9 months of life is extremely limited. I just want her to have every bit and piece of information that I can possibly gather.

A month or two ago, I was doing some work on her book. It just happened that the page I had up on the computer screen was the one with pictures of her finding spot and the SWI. Until that point, even though she has seen the finding spot pictures in a photo album, I don’t think she had ever fully grasped that her birth parents had left her to be found. I’m still not sure that she does fully understand. What a reality to be faced by a 5 year old... But it is part of her history, her story...

And so, the process continues...

I have one picture left that I need to fill, and then I'll be uploading MJ's book for printing. I will share some pictures of the finished product once it comes in.

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