Monday, August 8, 2011

Oh, and We Had a Party Crasher...

On Saturday, we had K’s 4th birthday party and had an experience that was a first for the kids were sitting down to eat lunch, this little boy who was in the play area at the Golden Arches came over to the table where we were getting all of the party guests sitting in their designated seats and kept trying to sit down.

I found myself saying things like, “Sweetheart, where is your mother?”

“No, that’s ___________ seat. He/she needs to sit there.”

“We don’t know you.”

“Where is your mother?”

“Can you go find your mother?”

Finally one of my friends went and found the little boy’s mother, who then came to get him. She had been dealing with her younger child and hadn’t seen what was happening. She was, to say the least, terribly embarrassed by her child’s behavior.

The poor child stood at the edge of the play area and watched the party. I felt for him, but this is a child we had never seen before today and did not know at all.

I guess he just wanted some cake...

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