Tuesday, August 16, 2011

School Days are Coming...

It is the last week of summer vacation. We have been busy buying school clothes and school supplies, and getting K’s 4 year old well-check and all of those lovely vaccinations. (She actually did very well. There were tears, but no hysterics.) Within the next day or two, I’ll be pulling out all of the new school clothes and washing them, then organizing them in the girls’ closet and dresser--uniforms for K, and regular clothes for MJ.

K will spend her pre-K year at the same Christian school where the girls attended last year, and MJ will transition to our local public school. It looks like I will even get to dip my toes back into the teaching pool by doing some substitute teaching at the Christian school. There will be a logistical adjustment as we get all of our car rider and bus schedules figured out. And of course, the girls will be adjusting to new teachers (and a new school for MJ), along with new classmates. MJ will also be adjusting to her first year of all day school.

My prayer for the new school year is that my children will learn and grow in the course of this year, and that they will be a Christlike example for their classmates and teachers. My prayer is also that their teachers will be loving, encouraging examples for their students.

To all of the teachers and students who might be reading this, have an amazing school year!

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