Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Day in the Life

Let me preface this post by saying that today was not a normal day. I usually don’t do all of this in one day, but the rest of the week has been pretty full, so all of the necessary stuff kind of landed on the same day.

In the course of today, I have vacuumed and mopped the floors, changed all of the sheets on all of the beds, washed the dirty ones, washed the girls’ comforters, and cleaned the bathrooms.

Somewhere during the course of the morning, K informed me that her ear was hurting. All 3 kids have had a runny nose and a cough for a little while now, but as usual, with the other 2, it ran its course, but with K, it settled in for a while. So, I had to call and schedule her a doctor’s appointment. Thankfully, our pediatrician’s office knows us and made a place to squeeze us in, which was especially nice since they were closing early today. So in the midst of my already busy day, there was a trip to the pediatrician’s office. (She has a sinus infection and an ear infection; although you would never know it by the way she has been playing today.)

On top of that, I made the grocery list, including gathering all of my coupons. Then I took M with me and made a run to the grocery store for the week’s groceries and K’s prescriptions.

Looking at that list, it usually takes me about 3 days to do what I did in one.

I’m tired…

I’m also very glad that the next couple of days will be more fun. :-)

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  1. Isn't it nice to have it all done, though! Happy New Year!