Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ramblings on Preparing for a Child's December Birthday

I have made the decision that I am going to write a blog post today. So, maybe I have no idea what I’m going to blog about, but I’ve got to get back into the swing of things if I want this blog to have any readers at all. My 2 followers might give up on me if I quit writing regularly. :-) (By the way, if anyone else wants to become a follower, that would be great. At least I will know if someone is interested in my ramblings.)

This is one of those full-blown crazy weeks. You see, MJ’s birthday is on December 16. Yes, right in the middle of all of the Christmas chaos that is December, we have a birthday, and all that goes along with it. Back in August of 2006 when we and the rest of our travel group got our referrals, 4 of us received referrals for babies with December birthdays. MJ’s is the earliest of the 4, with the others being on the 20th, 24th, and 25th. One thing we figured out early on is that we would make absolutely sure that her birthday was an event entirely separate from Christmas...no combination birthday/Christmas gifts, no birthday gifts wrapped in Christmas paper, and her almost-Christmas birthday would be treated just like the birthdays of any siblings that had birthdays in other months. We’ve been able to stick by that so far.

In fact, we stick by it so much that when she asked back in October what special day came next, we told her “Thanksgiving.” And then she asked, “What’s after that?” Our standard answer was “Your Birthday.” And then she would ask, “And after that?” To which we would answer, “Christmas.” So when we were in Georgia for Thanksgiving, and she started to see people decorating the town for Christmas, she would ask us, “Why are they decorating for Christmas?” Followed by, “My birthday comes before Christmas!” Evidently the whole world should celebrate MJ’s birthday... (The girl doesn’t lack self confidence at all.)

So, my week is filled with the red and green of Christmas, and the pink and orange of a Dora the Explorer birthday party. (So, why does Dora wear pink and orange anyway? Didn’t anyone ever tell her those colors don’t match?) Today, I made a run to the store for Christmas gift wrap and party tablecloths and favors, and then made a stop to order a Dora birthday cake. So far, I have managed to get the birthday gifts wrapped in birthday paper, and the Christmas gifts in Christmas paper. Let’s just hope I can keep my head screwed on straight between here and Saturday (party day).

Now I’m off to assemble a “Pin the Tail on Swiper the Fox” game...


  1. We struggle with that a little, with a 12/1 birthday. It's never bothered him much, though.

  2. And Dora wears yellow socks, too!

    My sister's birthday is Dec. 27, and my parents were also always careful to keep it separate and distinct from all the holiday madness. As a child she, also, would count down the days to her birthday instead of the days to Christmas!

    Ting Ting's birthday is exactly a month after MJ's. I'm starting to figure out party details now in the middle of Christmas stuff, too.

  3. Whoops, make that a month and one day -- Jan. 17

  4. Our son Thomas' birthday is on the fourteenth ARGHHH yea it is a little stressful I enjoyed this blog!!!

  5. My aunt never matched either. Maybe Dora dressed herself.