Friday, December 17, 2010

The Difficult Part of a Birthday...

I said yesterday that I would save the serious side of the birthday post for today, so …

MJ, right now, has a 5-year-old child’s perspective on adoption. She knows she has a birth mother, and she knows that she (MJ) was a baby in China and that she needed a family. She does not comprehend all of the ramifications of that just yet. She doesn’t understand the loss that she experienced as a newborn baby. She doesn’t understand the loss her birthmother experienced.

Every year when MJ’s birthday rolls around, my husband and I do think about MJ’s birthmother. We wonder who she is, where she is… Does she have the same spunky personality as MJ? What does she think about every year on December 16? And we pray for her…pray for comfort, pray that she might somehow know that the precious baby girl she delivered is well and is loved.

One day, MJ is going to start to grasp all of this, and it is going to be difficult for her to comprehend. It is difficult for me to comprehend, and I’m an adult. I just pray that we can be the best support system we can for our daughter as she faces a difficult reality.

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  1. My littles, 3 from VietNam, I know will come to us with the questions someday. Oh my. I have the same concerns and wonder if God will provide me with just the right words at the right time to help them feel safe and love but confident in who they are.
    So glad I'm not the only one who thinks about these things!
    Nancy-of the crazy 8