Monday, November 14, 2011

All VBS, All the Time

I'm tired this evening and really am not up to writing a long post on anything, but I'm not going to mess up my daily posting record so far in November, so I'm going to share a funny from this morning...

We have a carpool arrangement with a friend three mornings a week where she takes K and her 3 year old son to their preschool and I take MJ and my friend's 6 year old son (L) to kindergarten. This morning when it was time to go to kindergarten, my husband was ready to go to work, so we dropped him off at church on our way out. (He usually walks to work.) I must also mention at this point that although our friends attend another church, they come to VBS at our church in the summers. So, as I pulled up to drop Hubby at work, L says to Hubby, "You mean you work at VBS?!? Seriously?!?"

I think I laughed inwardly all the way through car rider line. :-)

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