Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Snapshot: {Trick or Treat 2011}

This year, we had Trick-or-Treating Royalty at our house. May I have the honor of presenting to you...

Princess MJ

Princess K

Sir M the Knight

(My sister asked if one of us walked behind him with coconuts, a la Monty Python, but we did not...only because we didn't think of it.)

And one final shot of our royal trick-or-treaters...

**I'm attempting to blog daily for the month of November. If you want to provide some moral support, please come by and visit during the week, too. :-)

Sunday Snapshot


  1. My favorite part: that the knight in shining armore is carrying Elmo!!!!

  2. What pretty little princess and a handsome knight!

  3. Love your 'royalty'!!

    I had a couple of 'princesses' as well!

    Happy Sunday.


  4. They looked awesome! I will try to get by here and are SUPER brave. ;) Every time I try to be really diligent about it something seems to come up to stop me. I totally get that you need the moral support. :)

  5. Love the costumes. And the cute kids!

  6. Oh the coconuts would have been a fun addition! Next year I am so coming up with a plan for our family of six to dress up alike!
    Adorable knight costume to accompany the two beautiful princesses!