Friday, November 11, 2011

New and Improved

The bedding in our master bedroom has been in serious need of a makeover for awhile now. For a long time, we used a duvet over a comforter because we could pull the duvet off and throw it in the washer to get rid of the cat hair. Problem was, the comforter was a full/queen size, and on our queen bed, it was always just a bit small. And then combined with the fact I managed to melt one of the pillow shams with the iron, our bedding was kind of in a sad state. I referred to the look as "early bachelor." I don't have any photos of that for obvious reasons, although I'm kind of thinking it would be worth it for the "before and after" effect. And we no longer let the cats in our bedroom, so the ease of washing factor was not nearly as important.

Finally, though, we have a new and improved version, and I am very pleased with the results...

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