Friday, November 25, 2011

Our Adoption Journal Website

Since I am trying to find subjects to blog about for all 30 days of November, I decided I would use one of those posts to put in a shameless plug for our adoption travel journal hosting service. Back when we were waiting for our referral for MJ, we were looking around at our options to journal about our adoption trip to China. As we were looking around, Hubby says, "You know, I think we could do this ourselves." And, thus, Adoption Voyages was born. It has amazed us how this has almost been a ministry of sorts, as we have worked with different adoptive families over the past years. We have built friendships that we never would have expected, some just online and some that we have met in person. We have hosted websites for families adopting from China, Vietnam, Guatemala, S. Korea, Russia, Ethiopia, and the U.S. Awhile back, we had thought we were going to phase out our business, but it ended up just being a break for awhile. We are now back up and hosting websites on a regular basis.

If you or someone you know is in the process of adopting and is looking for a way to document their journey, please come and check us out. You can find us here. For China families, we ask that you have PA for a special needs adoption, or have a LID on or before September 2, 2006 before signing up. (The NSN LID is for one month past the last LID referred, so if a batch of referrals comes out Thanksgiving week, adjust that date accordingly. I am writing this post ahead of time, so I don't know what will happen before it goes online.) For other programs, we just ask that you are in a comparable stage of the process, meaning that you are at the point where you are okay to post pictures of your child, or you are within a few months of travel.

Come and pay us a visit!

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